baby, demonise me

by regret will come

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a collection of songs recorded between 2014-2016 that didn't fit on past projects.


released December 20, 2016

all songs written, performed and produced by fintan



all rights reserved


regret will come Ireland

i wish i was making bubblegum pop

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Track Name: easy
answers, like melodies, never come to me
traipse down vein like corridors

never explain the way it is,
it never comes up anyway
in conversation
night lights and soft toys
litter the floor of this room

questions, like friends, never come to me
walk away quietly, unsightly
a face never talked about lightly

its easy to forget to, never talk about the lights that fuck yr mask at night
and never go home again
this train didn't have legs when it started
started to move

forget the way it started
it doesn't matter anyway

i hate the way you move
always slowly, never particular

pluck hairs from tired fruits
i always give up on things
Track Name: hug the corners
i brushed my teeth ten times today
toothpaste vision though it never goes away
eat yr fruit before it goes out of date
hug the walls until he goes away

hug the corners
hide yr coroners

the taste, it never left the filth of my mouth
dark brown tongues, and sticky roofs adapt
to quicken urges of friends who went away
they never loved much of me anyway

hug the corners
hide yr coroners

stay asleep and kiss the pain away
fleshy mounds of skin melt yr face
you never touched, and never felt the same
dreary eyelids stick to windowsills
Track Name: bleeding out of time
dry leaves in broken bedrooms
cracked heads in sullied restrooms
open doors to pearlescent nightmares
hidden minds and chaste answers
bleeding out of time

tearing out the bones of houses
screaming tears and frightened children
never say what drives you crazy
lose your mind to a flower
we bleed out of time
Track Name: indifference
relate to what u forget
disparity between distance
yr body never looked old enough
futile instance of twin marks on yr bed

photographs of me always depict some small indifference
bubbling and fragile
alone, desperate and smiling

never took anything
our lives slowly ending every day
a girl waits in hell for you
she wants the best for you and you alone

she never knew her father and never wanted 2
she'd kill herself for you
she'd live so you don't have to

she paints her room daily and ties noose knots for practice
she's never touched herself and hates the thought of pleasure
without her there's no heaven
she'll kiss away yr devils
high winds and small latchkeys
she'd love to make you tea
Track Name: crane game daydream
drip bleary mess, shit stag, fcuk everything
crane game daydream

park cars on rotting canopies
crane game daydream

drag fingertips to save everything
crane game daydream

love the end of our everything
crane game daydream