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Will Seifert Really good dreamlike bedroom folk
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'Bout that mediocre life

Just want no worries


released February 20, 2016

All songs written and performed by Regret Will Come



all rights reserved


regret will come Ireland

i wish i was making bubblegum pop

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Track Name: Endless Variations on a Tiny Repertoire of Rock and Pine
Open your eyes
At least whats left of them
Train them on mine
Pretend there's nothing bad happening
They say it'll be over
As soon as you let it
Pretend that's true
At least for a second

Death was never the danger (x2)

"Unfortunately", you smiled
As a tear fell with you

Dark matter child
Smell of strong booze
Ghosts with grey eyes
Follow you

So do I

This car wasn't meant
For roads as straight as this
We came to a rest
As violent as rest can be
Even a chorus of sirens
Couldn't save us now
Your brain may be leaking
But your hand never left mine

Death was never what scared you (x2)

I never got to say sorry
But you would've laughed anyway

Typical you
Goodbye with a smile
Two litres of blood
And a promise

"I'll see you soon"
Track Name: Porno Holiday
I'm the pornographic film, obscured by the light through your window
The one in which the girl you love is pleasured by a man without a shadow

Your grey hair looked metallic under UV light
The soft moulds of your flesh, quiver under duress
Soft kisses and softer punches
Love to hate just begins to describe us
Your subtle brown eyes foretell of doom impending
You'll come below me just as the world is ending
Scream my name as your eyes begin to melt
"I Love You" sounds better while our life is being snuffed out

But for now, lets just settle with "I Like You"
We'll leave death and sex to those with lungs
Fingernails trace scars that caress my face
I'll kiss you, I'll hold you, I'll fuck you, I'll hurt you, I'll kill you
Until you tell me you love me

But our clothes will sooner line our graves
One hand in another, one body within another

The world begins to end