i hope you thrive

by regret will come

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I hope u can enjoy this uneasily prepared cloud of ether made possible by friends and family
and i hope this is the first of many poorly made albums
next time it will be less lonely and with more people

thank you for being there <3


released October 15, 2016

'i hope you thrive' recorded, performed and produced by fintan

samples taken from nisemonogatari, monogatari: second season, unknown found recording, kmart tape: october 1989 and lost in translation.

sounds of sea recorded at brittas bay beach, wicklow



all rights reserved


regret will come Ireland

i wish i was making bubblegum pop

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Track Name: the people you hate will find each other
living inside the shell of puberty
trapped in a hell that we all see
that we all see

you cut your friends daily just to see them bleed
no longer a house and more an autoclave
more an autoclave

always a friendly, soaking, bloodied mess
sterile feelings replace happiness
in place of happiness

the people you hate will find each other
cut off the left breast of yr mother
yr mother

we eat through ourselves, striking the skin from bone
we live in a rock that calls itself our home
desperately avoiding any change

i called out for you, now just a fading cross
when we are together we are forever lost
anxiously awaiting a quick end
Track Name: dopamine supplements
dopamine supplements
trick myself into feeling

a guy i hate is here
i want him to love me

misery is tangible
and comfortable

fuck god, stay high
and love urself

a void inside a bowl of blood
has got me thinking

that angels haven't fucked enough
to start feeling

a guy i love is here
i want him to hurt me

dopamine supplements
to keep me happy

desperately searching
for the pills that help me sleep

pray i never find them
the pills that help me sleep
Track Name: holy cross made of flesh
drape your broken symmetry
over the hills that made you bleed
rather than your broken family
there already sick to death of you

idols on your mantelpiece
jesus loves to see you scream
depression always made you feel
much happier than bliss

flowers burn up in your room
angels dance across your bed
weed has never made you high
you only us it to pass the time

read the writing on the wall
of a piss covered bathroom stall
public toilet poetry
each word drips across your mind

eat the love that keeps you strong
you never needed anyone
so why does loneliness
care anything for you

haven't seen your friends in days
you don't need them anyway
holy cross made of flesh
make friends with guys that make you sick

laughing gas for the pain
klonopin tries to keep you sane
danny loves to see your face
so does mom and dad

virgin blood smears your cheeks
masturbate to feel release
fetishize innocence
holy cross made of flesh
Track Name: i'll be cool in heaven
part time work was never that kind to me
blackened wet streets, disappear dry saint, hurried phone calls home

licking ghosts and sucking death
darkness was my only friend until you turned the light on

eat meat that never goes off, street lights never turn off
in towns that fuck at night, deep sleep crystallise my faith

drip wax on ashen skin, i'll be cool in heaven
ascend with people that love my music but will never know my name

I'd love to let it end
cause i'll be cool in heaven
Track Name: dregs of a beautiful demon
the dregs of a beautiful demon
the last breath of an aphid, final poem on earth, the son of a nurse

the bodies of conceivable alibis
incomparable sins, slice open an eye, deep rooted suicide

honied ash spilling, dripping and useless
crush the bones of a cloud, blue sky melting translucent, glowing plastic pain

dregs of a beautiful demon
wrap your arms up in veins, trapped by the blood of the one you loved
Track Name: i want to be 15 forever
Talking about school with you
High in your parents house
What will we make of ourselves
You ask through the smoke in your mouth

Your parents were still together then
And you still wanted to be with me
"i want to be 15 forever" you'd say
"i want them to see what we see"

"Each and every person we know will pack up and leave
But never me and you"
"i want to be 15 forever" you say
While I reply in unison
Track Name: drop pills (extended vers.)
east wide moor, don't stop, keep going
till i'm dead

grab a bench, feel anxious
at yr child's funeral
eat yrself, keep going, keep going (keepgoingkeepgoingkeepgoingkeepgoingkeepgoingkeepgoingkeepgoing)
and move on

enter a door without a handle
become wooden, stiff and angry

we never ended and never will
i'll love you when it's over

i'll love you when we're older

slow down time and watch all deaths
end at once

not asleep, drop pills
touch anything at all

eternity is where
you'll forget about this place

destiny isn't
quite what you think

disparate and frail without answers
a lively disposition

bright lights, new friends, dark eyes
apocalypse is yawning

pseudo nightcalls, abyss
the end of life is boring

sympathy lays wasted on the floor of your dads apartment
he never said he'd love you

nobody said they'd love you
Track Name: boredom
take off your clothes and wash yourself of the boredom, the boredom of life ending
watch all eternities flail and end at once

eat at a table made by friends you haven't touched in a long time
dope black, blue and aching, the transcendental youth are coming for you

drip puberty on the curtains your mother left you, they never pulled the room together anyway
torture their memories, scream until they're laughing
why won't they ever stop laughing

it never stopped hurting
Track Name: love is the sixth extinction
poking at eyeballs that have long since gone. ripping up pictures that your daughters have drawn. you would later claim to have gone coke blind. you would later claim to have touched god. large asphalt parking lots, painted white lines like maps to salvation. you never saw cars there, only people lost like you. your constant ticks made it difficult to talk. you stopped eating when you turned 24. cans of paint line the walls of your home, well not your home but the place where you can sleep. drinking never made you feel like this, it just made you angry. a cross around your neck, some pills for the pain. the holocene extinction had begun

eat the bones that make you sick, i haven't seen you give up yet.

love is the sixth extinction, hate is a large part of life

love is something we will know
Track Name: break and become
slipping forward
vomit stains reeling

watch as i break and become the trees